Ask me anything?

so, one of my challenged this year is to be totally open with myself  I've recently been interviewed for some blogs, and magazines about myself and my work.

In response to this, I posted on my social pages asking if anyone would like to ask me anything, here are some of the questions I received. I have answered these with total honestly and will continue to update this section as more questions come.

 Photo by JC Candanedo 

Photo by JC Candanedo 


Where do you see yourself working in ten years time?

Hopefully still running RION magazine and maybe another couple of other magazines. I'd like to branch off and explore different aspects of fashion and have my own label.


As a content creator, how do you manage your time effectively to be able to meet set, desired deadlines?

We have a Content Callander that we work towards, every one sends me their articles by Friday and I scheduled them for the following week. If they are not suitable, then they don't get published. With the print issues, we aim to have content wrapped up 2 months prior the launch. This gives our graphic designer time to put the issue together, for me to proof read everything, proof read it again, and then again after. I have a RION checklist that i adhere too and nothing goes in unless it's been check, doubled check, filed, backed up and then. Once this stage is completed, it's off to our printers for a dummy run, this is so we ensure that everything looks great on paper do where it should be. Once I'm happy with that, the order gets sent over and two weeks later we have our issues ready to be sent out.


If you could change one thing that would positively effect the county and its people, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing, it would be total quality for everyone. Everyone to be treated the same no matter who they are.


Where are you most ticklish?

Oh gosh it's my feet, drives me crazy and the side of my stomach. I do this awful screech when I'm tickled.




How do you think the world will change in the next 10 years and are you doing anything to prepare?

I think everything will be digital, I think fashion week will be replaced with fashion movies, we'd see moving magazines and I don't think people will read as much. The world is already becoming that way.

I try to think forward and keep up with the times so I'm preparing for this I'd say I haven't even started yet.


How did you get into fashion photography?Was it because your crap at cooking?

I've always loved fashion, and photography. For me when it all started was with the launch of Facebook. I just wanted a decent profile picture for my profile and none of my friends could do what vision I had in my mind. So that's what started the ball rolling really, some will know I trained as a chef when I was 16-20 and studied all my levels, worked in a 5 start hotel, business and industry. They are both creative fields in their own way but capturing an image will last forever, a meal will last minutes.



Which photoshoot in your  in your career would you say was the most  difficult to shoot and why?

The cover for #IssueNOIR, we had a huge team for this and it was the launch of RION in print so there was a lot of pressure. It was my vision, my magazine, my idea and I always criticise my work. I put myself under so much pressure for this issue that I didn't even turn on the switch for the studio lights, but we got there in the end and the results I'm truly happy with.


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I don't lol, hate eggs, only time I eat them is raw after a gaming session.


Do you think you've changed your personality in order to fit in in the fashion and beauty world?

You could say yes and no to this question, when I'm directing and shooting I'm a different person to when I'm FROW at fashion weeks. In this industry you have to have balls, and tough skin. People always judge.


What would you like to do that you haven't yet done?

To travel the world, I'd love to go to Japan. It's on my bucket list.


"Noir 1000% translates as black in french.Are you french?"

Hahaha, nope, I'm not french, although I can speak a bit of the language and I love the French couture.


Your favourite colour is black, you pretty much only wear black yet you hate black socks. Why is that?

This, is a very good question that I don't actually no the answer too. I'm very hyperactive most of the time, so I guess coloured socks is my way of not taking life too seriously. At the moment I'm wearing bright blue socks with bananas and monkeys on.


what style of images inspire you the most.

Black and white images, high fashion and movement, anything that's raw and screens with attitude.


Nike or Adidas trainers?

Nike! But then at the moment I'm wearing Adidas superstars. 

What inspired you to get into the magazine/fashion/photography industry?

I've always loved fashion and photography. And I wanted to launch a creative platform for upcoming creatives and established creatives alike. This is where RION was born.


What's your biggest regret?


I try not to think with regrets but I'd say it would be my health, I wished I looked after my body a bit more. You only live once and that can be short lived.


How do you measure personal success?

I'm not sure I really understand this question? I'd like to think I'm successful but that can all go away tomorrow so I'm grateful for everything that I have achieved so far and plan to continue this going forward.

Wasps, bastards or needed? 

Hate them, and they always feel the need to fly around your ear 👂  

 What did you want to be when you grew up and if it's not what you do now then what changed your mind?

I wanted to work in forensics in the serious crime section. I didn't past my grade. It it's something that's always fascinates me.