Creatively. A gift or a curse?

So. My thought for this week. Is being creative a gift or a curse?


I see things visually in my mind. I don't imagine it. That's the difference. It can be amazing when a concept for a feature, article or a shoot comes to mind. . I can visualise exactly how I want it to be. But can anegative mind drown your creativity? I know many creatives that create on this basis and some have some stories to tell. I'm a huge fan of Kirsty Mitchell and her work, her story is tragic but how she expresses her pain is incredible. I'm at a cross road with my mind. I think and see in black and white so for me it's hard to see whether things are negative or creative. It's the emotion and feeling I feel that determin what this is. Creative block is something I can suffer from time to time. I have this vision, but when I draw it out it's completely different to what I see in my head. Imagine a horror story of a child drawing something scary with scratched out eyes. It's pretty much like that. But I know deep down this will create something truly amazing. So. I keep a notebook next to my bed every night and when I wake up I sketch, write down keywords and feelings. This has inspired me to finally launch my T-Shirt collection that I've been longing to do for quite some time. (coming soon) 


Hearing the sad news today about what happened in Manchester ( I say what happened because I don't think ISIS deserves the publicity for it. They are cowards and will only ever be lonely! LONELY!) nothing will destroy the community of our human race. Terror will never win, and you will never gain, you only bring shame on yourself and your family and your fellow community. The people that died will always be remembered but you won't, you'd be forgottten by next month. The life's that were taken will live on forever. So fuck you, it's embarrassing that you need the sad attention to get some notice. Your issues. Not ours. I'm sure your family are truly proud of you. Yeah. Whatever. This isnt about you. This is about the life's that sadly got lost whilst enjoying them selfs. RIP.



Kirsty Mitchell

Love her work. 

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