Do you get stuck creatively?

This is a question that I've often asked our creatives. "Do you get stuck creatively"? And if so. How do you over come this? 

without sounding like a drainer but recently my mind has gone through this process quite a lot. It's hard having the negatively that floods our surroundings and drowns our brains. The toxin itself is like a cancer that only delevolpes and takes over your mind, body and sole. Time of late has been really difficult, tho I don't let things get to me personally but I have to admit. It dose effect my creative process. How can I think outside the box when those walls are padlocked and shutting me in this deep dark hole. My recent cancer scare really hit home. I'm 31 tomorrow and there's so much I want to do, not just for myself but for the other side of me. My parter. My best friend. My solemate. Adam Weston. Things have been tough with recent news about his health but I can safely say now that out of all the friends we "have" there has only been afew that have stuck by us through this terrible situation. If you do t know already about what has gone on then clearly you're not interested in us and only the gossip side of things. 

Adam is my rockmm, always have and always will be. The next part of this statement is domestic violence, Adam had and will never treat me like shit, hit me, or beat me. He helped me  

I was in a two year domestic relationship that really ate at me like a pack of wild animals. I totally lost who I was as a person. I used to dance. Quite well to say the least. I done Latin ballroom, tango, street and dance. I danced in a cage at one stage. He took that away from from me.(NOT ADAM)  Not going to mention his name as he Dosnt deserve that reconstruction. But we were in a club, and I could t dance. I totally forgot how too. Everything was taken away from me. I was beaten. I wasn't allowed to eat. That's caused my eating disorder. That I still struggle with today. Not that I think I'm fat. I can't eat. It's not that at all. No where near. I want to eat. But when the negative thoughts hits me like a flood. I just can't. Psyically. I can't. And it really annoys me and fucks me off when "people say" oh you need to eat more. You need more meat on your bones?" Seriously. Do t I know that. What is this stigma about skinny people?! You don't say to someone that's larger than you "oh, don't eat that. You need to stop eating" so why is it esspical for other to say this. We still have the same emotion. It Dosnt make us eat. It makes us more conscious. Don't be rude. Understand people have their own reasons. Don't judge. We don't judge you.  

Thats all I have to say on this matter.  


so back to the origianl question. How do you overcome the question? How do you think creatively and keep that thought process? I'd like to hear from from you.