Cancer. That word is hard!

It's been a difficult time of late recently. The stresses and struggles with life & work itself is hard enough.  Things can get to you easily when you are stressed. It's been busy at the RION head quarters with the launch of the pilot issue #issueNOIR which has had some truly amazing feedback, I shot the cover star HellavaGirl who I can truest say I one hell of a girl! An Amazing artist, yes, she designs clothes but no, she is way more than that. In my eyes, in RION. She is a true artist. We spend the last few months before the launch of issue noir working together so I got to know Helen, the brain child behind HellavaGirl. The incredible designs and the work that goes on behind her work is incredible. I only wished that we filmed this as a documentary because we went from design process, radios interviews, interviews. The London fashion week show which we as RION media partnered up with and also sorted the PR for the show and after also. (We like to help designers, that's part of what we do) the show was / is just out of this world. The tears, stress, the guest list! God the guest list! Was incredible, but that also brought extreme amounts of pressure and to bring the expectation to RION also was a lot. We have the video on the RION site and also read the interview to in the lastest issue. 


Anyway, I'm doing what I do best and hiding from certain situations. Referring to the title. I recently after the issue of RION #IssueNOIR I Became Ill. Really Ill. I always worked on RION throughout this process and the scare literally scared me. Last year was such a tough year for for me. Losing my uncle and watching him deteriorate due to cancer and a close friend of mine mother that was yeah basically a close friend also to this disease that takes so many life's in this small world.  My ashma of late has been terrible and got worse over time. Me being me, put everything behind me and was full stream ahead as usual. It was only since I struggled to breath every morning, (again, pushing through this) still kept going. My inhalers wasn't working, antibiotics wasn't working. When you get that *were going to screen you for CANCER* really hits home. It scares the shit out you. It really makes you think of life and what is really important. I don't care about social following. About VVIP tickets to FROW seats at London fashion week. I do what I do because I love it. I started RION because I wanted to give something back to the creative industry. It's such a million pound industry but such a small creative  platform.angain I'm doing what I do best and hiding meshing my passion. What I'm saying is get fucking checked out if you even have the slightest doubt that there is something wrong. I'm lucky enough that I've been cleared and just diagnosed with uncontrolled asthma, there's lots more they need to do and more testing but I'm fucking so greatful that I'm cleared. And anyone that may think, doubt, just go and get checked out. This is why the next issue will be donated to cancer. Not for my benefit, because of you haven't realised by now this is not about me, RION is not about me. It's about the creatives. This post is about making people awear of the signs of cancer. My signs are the following. 


I struggle to catch my breath in mornings.  

I struggle to breath throughout the day.  

I feel like I have a constant slab on my chest

my lungs burns when I breath

my windpipe feels like someone's holding it


these are only just some of my symptoms. If you have anything remotely similar then go and get yourself checked out!!  

Cancer is a scary thing. And not anything you should take lightheartedly. As someone once said to me that has stuck permanently in my brain.  

When you car needs servicing and MOTing. You do that. Without a thought. You just do it because it's natural. When it comes to you health? It gets missed. Don't miss it. Get it sorted. It might be too late. I was / am lucky. May this bring luck to you! 


RIP my uncle Less and Anne Hutchings. All your kids and family think of you everyday. God rest your sole!