Week 2 -diary of a skinny kid Pumping up 💪🏻 LFWM

Week 2 was a difficult one. With London Fashion Week Men's underway and shows buzzing around London. I admit, finding the time to go to the gym for the work out didn't really happen. I managed two out of my 5 sessions but I did manage to squeeze a few home work outs that Sam showed us how to do from home. From pull ups, dips, sit ups and his ab routine. Having these at home work outs really helped me to keep on tract as I was sliding off track. 

The weekend was a total write off mind you, with the cover shoot on the Sunday. 4 Models, one designers. The day was jammed pack and my diet went out the window. All week I managed to take my lunch boxes and snacks but when it came to Saturday night, after the Velsvoir Show (pretty awesome by the way) and then on the way back to the office to finalise shoot preparations. We stopped at Boondocks. Week 3 I intend to step it up a notch and smash this out. 


In all, I've lost weight but I am shaping up. Images coming in week 4. Keep your eyes peeled.