Is being alone the same as feeling alone?

This is a question that burdens my mind often. Sometime, even in a crowded room, at a train station, socialising with friends, I can feel lonely. Silly as it sounds but I do think differently to some others in my circle. Some understand me and some don't. It's just like art. Some people truly understand the moment of which the artist has taken to express their vision. To some, it's just a splash of paint on an canvas or wall. But maybe it's just the emotion and anger behind this feeling that is now being released on to a separate object. Some paint, sing, dance to express them selfs. Others get lashed up and get wild. Some hide behind drugs but the real question here is. Are you alone? Or do you feel alone? There is a difference! And only an answer that you can make. Don't go and judge someone but what you "think" they are or what actions they do. You never know what is going on in someone else's life. We all have troubles and inner demons. It how we release these that makes us artist unique. I think in black and white. But when I get really down and upset I think in colour. Because colour has more emotion, in my option that is anyway. So stay true to yourself. Express yourself the way you feel and you will achieve everything you ever desire.


Wayne Noir

 Don't suffer in silence, talk to someone.  

Don't suffer in silence, talk to someone.